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Preconstruction Planning

We envision the owner’s objectives and the project’s big picture and bring it to real life. We have a team that discusses effective strategies for communication, site layout/conditions, value engineering, constructibility, cost/schedule studies, and procurement of long lead time items, as well as plans for safety, productivity, quality control and testing.Accurate construction schedules are critical project cost-control step. We develop more precise schedules to optimize time.

Construction Workers
Construction Worker

Commercial and Residential Awards

Allow Boyo Bey to be your one stop shop as we approach our contracts from all trades on both side of the spectrum; commercial and residential. We offer full residential rehabilitations supplying service in all trades, while offering site cleaning, sanitation services and any necessary PPE’s.


We oversee and lead a range of building projects from beginning to end. We are responsible for setting and keeping schedules, monitoring finances, and making certain that everybody is doing what they should, every day.

Construction Workers
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